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hailing foxes


Unseen in the street plan of any city run the paths of the wild creatures whose lives are lived alongside ours, and which occasionally cross our own. And sometimes a door will unexpectedly open to that other city,  showing us something startling and unforgettable; foxes, falcons, mice, whales, balloons, reckless pilots, lost ships. All we need to do is pay attention.


hailing foxes follows inking bitterns, our previous book of poems and pictures about wildness; and this time we look at what's around us in Bristol, in this year when the city is Green Capital.


Featuring poems from some of Bristol's finest poets: Ben Banyard, Pameli Benham, Colin Brown, Liz Brownlee, Stewart Carswell, Rachael Clyne, Dominic Fisher, Ruby Fowden-Willey, Kathy Gee, Deborah Harvey, Hazel Hammond, David C Johnson, Dru Marland, Jinny Peberday, Tom Sastry, Pat Simmons, Alan Summers, John Terry, Vanessa Whiteley, Shirley Wright.


...and lots of pictures from Dru Marland.