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Dru Marland is an illustrator and artist with a special interest in wildlife, poetry and local history. She has founded Gert Macky Books  with the intention of publishing books that harmoniously combine good pictures with good words.


Inking Bitterns, the first of our books, came out in October 2013,  and was encouragingly well received


Hailing Foxes celebrates Bristol's year as Green Capital, with a collection of poems from some of  the area's finest poets themed (loosely!) around wildlife and general wildness and, indeed, Bristol.


Drawn Chorus is an alphabet of birds in poetry and pictures

gert macky

'gert macky'

....means 'very big' in Bristolian. There are some more useful phrases here on the Beast website





The excellent Tangent Books publish a Dictionary of Bristle, if you really want to try going native.

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